Our Vision

That every person and organization has the information
and knowledge to transform themselves and their communities.


Our Team

MAKAIA is made-up of a strong and dynamic team, with a breadth of experience from various fields in Colombia and abroad in private, public and international development institutions. Our team works to strengthen capacity for social development, and stand out for their technical expertise, ethics and professionalism.
CEB - Azul

           Catalina Escobar           

          Executive Director and         Co Founder

JCPM - Azul

              Juan Camilo Pérez            

Project Leader

AIRG - Azul

            Ana Isabel Restrepo           

          Projects Director           

DCAH - Azul

              Carolina Agudelo               

               ICT Manager               

AMSC - Azul

        Alejandra Schmalbach         


JEVA - Azul

Jorge Vargas

Organizational Development Director

DBL - Azul

Daniela Bueno

International Cooperation Coordinator

LJAA - Azul

             Janey Agudelo               

       Administrative Assistant      

JCOS - Azul

            Juan Camilo Orrego           
        Project Leader      


             Andrés Castrillón               

              Project Leader             

KASV - Azul

                Kevin Sanchez                  

        Partnerships Manager          

LMS - Azul

        Luz Marina Sánchez        

  Assistant of General Services  

MECC - Azul

          María Esther Castelli           

         Partnerships Manager        

DUS - Azul

                  Daniel Uribe                 

                Project Leader                  

DMQR - Azul

             Diana Quintero              

Administrative and Accountant Assistant

JMHE - Azul

Juan Manuel Hernández

  Special Projects Coordinator  

AQG - Azul

             Anyela Quintero             

             Projects Assistant