In partnership with Ruta N and Marina Orth Foundation, we will develop ICT skills for women in the city

We have started a new partnership with Ruta N and the Marina Orth Foundation with the aim of joining forces for the planning and execution of a skills training process, framed in the science, technology and innovation of approximately 60 women who are neither working nor working , not studying, or who are studying the last years of high school.

This process, which will begin in April, will be carried out through two bootcamps with 120 hours of work in technology, emphasizing programming and resource management for the scaling up of training experiences, developed in the framework of the project called 250 Women in Technology.

A bootcamp is a specialized training program designed for the trainee to develop a certain set of skills, to put them into practice in a very fast way acquiring knowledge through a directed experience in an immersive environment. The skills that can be developed in this type of experience are about technical, cognitive, social, physical, strategy and entrepreneurship aspects, among others. In this case, the skills to be developed will be technical, cognitive and social, which will allow these women to have greater technological appropriation and develop basic skills for life, such as: Leadership, Assertive Communication and Self-knowledge.

In this alliance, MAKAIA is committed to the training component of  sessions aimed at female leadership, digital citizenship and socio-economic skills. In addition, Marina Orth Foundation will be responsible for training in programming and code creation. Marina Orth Foundation is an entity that provides modern and high quality education to children and young people with limited resources, guaranteeing work with the best teachers, using new technologies and methodologies that allow the students compete in a globalized world.

For its part, Ruta N is a corporation that develops programs and services to facilitate the economic evolution of the city towards intensive business in science, technology and innovation, in an inclusive and sustainable manner.

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