The activities of the Mobile Public Libraries are progressing successfully

With the objective of accompanying the communities of 200 villages in territories that were affected by the armed conflict, and today are the protagonists of the process of peace and post-conflict construction, as well as expanding the impact of the BPM (Mobile Public Libraries), from the last February it is developed an agreement with the National Savings Fund- Fondo Nacional del Ahorro, led by the Ministry of Culture and the National Library.

In this initiative, called “Public Libraries for the villages and paths of peace”, MAKAIA has accompanied the planning and development of cultural, artistic, manual and awareness activities in the rural populations, reaching more than 140 villages impacted. The success of the management is reflected in the completion of reading and writing workshops, production of local content and film forums, guided by public librarians who travel through the territories. These activities have exceeded their execution goal by June 1, reaching a 108 % in relation to what was initially planned.

Another important component where we provide support is the evaluation and review of the 20 cultural projects with a territorial approach and peace-building goals, which seek, through the librarians of the Public Libraries for Peace, to integrate the communities and promote initiatives promoted by the same populations. MAKAIA reviews the feasibility of these projects, as well as their progress and makes recommendations for their proper implementation. An example of these initiatives is the Vallenato Music School of the Conejo Public Library.

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