Airbnb allows social organizations to promote services and mobilize resources

The Technology for the Social Sector Program of MAKAIA and Techsoup have formalized an important alliance with Experiences of Social Impact of Airbnb that will allow social organizations in Colombia and Argentina to use this tool to raise funds, make visible their initiatives and / or programs and obtain donors or resources for their development.

The leading application in collaborative hosting management at global level, defines Experiences as “positive ways for guests to get to know social initiatives, through neighborhood explorations, workshops or other activities carried out by local organizations”, as well as “(…) opportunities for guests to learn more about the mission and causes of local organizations, having fun on the way (…)”. For this reason, they give total control to the organizations on the content of their experience, prices, dates or moments of development, periodicity and choice of the spaces where they will be carried out.

The main advantages for organizations are, first of all, in fundraising, since 100% of the income that the experience raises goes directly to the organization and Airbnb waives any amount derived from reserve rights. Secondly, in the exhibition and dissemination that is generated by appearing directly on the Airbnb website and its mobile versions and, third, in the connections with the missional objectives of the organizations that can be generated with the participants of the experience , by placing them in the social environment of the organization and allowing their interaction with the community of beneficiaries of the same, resulting in relationships of donors, ambassadors, collaborators or disseminators.

Similarly, Airbnb offers some examples of successful experiences in the 28 cities of the world where the Experiences Program has already arrived. Through this link, you can learn more about the Program and develop the process of checking the eligibility of the experience and validation of the non-profit organization.

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