25 women in the process of re-socialization are certified in technology and empowerment

The last 14 of July, we accompanied the process of certification of training in technological skills and female empowerment that we developed with 25 women between the ages of 14 and 18, who are in the process of re-socialization in the Care Center for the Young Carlos Lleras Restrepo (La Pola) This action is part of the 250 women in Technology project, which provides opportunities for women in social and economic vulnerability and whose efforts lead Ruta N and Motorola Foundation.

MAKAIA joined the launch of this initiative since last May, with the Marina Orth Foundation, aimed of offering the knowledge of both entities in training spaces called bootcamps. Marina Orth Foundation focused on the issues of  adoption, creation and programming, including basic concepts of coding and development of new skills in the young participants, while MAKAIA oriented the development of soft skills through technology; allowing this young woman to strengthen aspects such as assertive communication, creative thinking, leadership and teamwork, through products and tools developed in the same training processes.

The program ratifies a commitment of its promoters to train human talent and overcome the gap of women dedicated to technology. The phase developed in this Criminal Liability Center, sought to minimize the number of young people in the armed conflict and urban violence in the city, allowing to reduce the time in which young women are included in the social and productive life, when leaving the Center. That is to say, the goal is to accompany young women so that, when they return to their freedom, they have tools that allow them to lead a different life with new and better opportunities.

The process also continues with students of the grades 9th, 10th and 11th of La Avanzada Educational Institution, Santo Domingo an area known for limited resources. A second phase will be developed in the Care Center, with support form Rodrigo Arroyave Arango Foundation. This will have approximately 22 young people and it is estimated to start activities on July 28.

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