Renting Colombia is committed to air quality in Medellín

Since 2017, MAKAIA has developed an Open Data project that uses sensors to measure, in real time, the air quality in the Aburrá Valley, allowing anyone with Internet access to view the quality index of the breathing air, through the PurpleAir platform. This has been driven by our desire to contribute to the improvement of the quality of life of the inhabitants of the city of with strategies aimed at providing the means, tools, knowledge and technology necessary for that purpose, and the main goal of building a culture around open data.

This initiative attracted the attention of Renting Colombia, an organization with full environmental awareness and corporate social responsibility, a subsidiary of Bancolombia Group that makes operational leasing of vehicle fleets. Seeing the positive effect of the project, this company made an alliance with MAKAIA with the objective of promote the development of an open data culture to improve the air quality of the City of Medellin. In this way, Renting Colombia joins this initiative with the implementation of 20 sensors that will be installed in different areas of the metropolitan area and that contribute to the improvement of the accuracy of air quality assessment models, helping to locate the pollution emitting sources.

Likewise, Renting Colombia is committed to conducting a process of awareness with its collaborators and allies, on the importance of air quality and in generating ideas, proposals and actions for the intervention of the problem of air quality in the city, as well as receiving advice and support by MAKAIA, in the use of open data and installation of sensors.

The concentrations of some pollutants in the atmosphere have detrimental to the air quality of the city of Medellín, in a situation that, according to the epidemiologist at the University of Antioquia Elkin Martínez, not only causes serious damage to the environment, but also contributes to the increase in mortality and morbidity rates linked to diseases such as asthma, lung cancer, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and cardiovascular pathologies, among others.

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