We reached 20 people with hearing disabilities with ICT tools for employability

What do they need? How can we have more impact on people? How do we reach more people?
Every time we plan an ICT training workshop for people with disabilities, we ask ourselves these kinds of questions. After 12 years of experience, in which our organization has developed projects for diverse audiences, we know that the needs of our beneficiaries are constantly evolving and changing, so every day means a new challenge, a new opportunity to give the best and provide tools to improve the quality of life of people with disabilities in Colombia.

Earlier this year, MAKAIA began to implement ICT training workshops to develop skills in people with hearing disabilities from a work perspective and much of our strategy to reach more people, is formalized in partnerships. Through a combined work with other social entities, we can, for example, find a suitable place to develop our workshops (digital classrooms in libraries and educational centers) and identify special needs that people with hearing disabilities express daily. In addition, the support that we receive from our Global Giving donors, allows us to have an excellent facilitator and to work in the logistics involved in the activities.

Thanks to the joint work with Comfenalco Antioquia and the articulation with the Public Employment Service, we were able to implement this “ICT Tools for employability” Workshop, certifying 20 people with hearing disabilities for 24 hours distributed over a week. The results were exceptional since, through the process, the participants were able to create their own resume in a variety of styles and formats, record a video (with their smartphones) presenting themselves and explaining (in sign language) their professional experience, education and skills and thus create multimedia curriculums, and register their professional profile on specialized work websites, creating and interacting with more complex databases. Some of them even had the opportunity to have real job interviews.

In the words of the participants, the workshop was a complete success. They are looking forward to receiving more courses and content like these. In the short time, our challenge is to create a second activity for recent participants, with more and new content focused on employment and maybe entrepreneurship.

All this was possible thanks to the support and donations we received in Global Giving

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