With technology, MAKAIA contributes to organizational development in Latin America

When MAKAIA began its journey, it based its principles on building* and recognized the importance a work that strengthen capacities over making assistance since this, in many cases, generates new needs. Our work search that each person and organization has the information and knowledge that allows them to take advantage of opportunities and thus transform themselves and their environment.

The efficiency of cooperation is not only a challenge for facilitating and cooperating organizations and organizations, but a giant opportunity for the initiatives and institutions that benefit from doing more and better with the available offer. Communities are transformed and every day society is required by different challenges that, novel or complex, are difficult to address. MAKAIA believes strongly that Cooperation, Technology and Innovation are the key elements to find alternatives, solutions and decisive actions for each moment.

The commitment to the development and organizational strengthening of MAKAIA has facilitated the Social Sector in Colombia and 13 other countries in Latin America and the Caribbean, saving more than three million dollars in the acquisition of products and software subscriptions; services that in today’s world are neuralgic for communications, positioning and evolution of the actors that contribute to make the planet a better place, through the fulfillment of its missionary objectives. Together with partners such as TechSoup, the Technology for the Social Sector program has provided NGOs and Public Libraries with key tools to modernize their operation and find new ways to deliver their work, taking advantage of technology as a complementary tool to their services.

Currently Colombia, Argentina, Peru, Panama and Costa Rica are the countries with the most registered organizations that enjoy the benefits of the Program, prioritizing their migration to the Cloud (through Microsoft, Google and Amazon Web Services), translating into ease for free mobility of work and international projection of organizations. In turn, there are more and more large companies that understand the importance of making their services available to non-profit organizations, which has allowed a more robust program and with an offer that exceeds commercial interests in order to promote a true Technology for Social Change.

If you are a member (employee or volunteer) of a non-profit organization and you want your organization to enjoy the benefits of the program, invite them to participate by registering on the respective platform for each country and completing the validation process.


Team. Technology for the Social Sector Program 

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