Nutresa Foundation and MAKAIA promote education and technology for learning

In the last four years MAKAIA has developed training processes with teachers and directors of public schools of Colombia in an effort to generate a positive impact in their educational and management field. This actions have been part of the Program “Oriéntate, el mundo a un clic” of Nutresa Foundation, that has as purpose “To buil a Future among all” making each teacher integrate technology into their pedagogical practices to achieve that their students have access to new sources of information, and acquire digital skills that will allow them to improve their academic performance.

The work has been developed in 20 institutions, in five departments of Colombia: Antioquia, Bolívar, Cauca, Cundinamarca and Valle. In 2018, we reach 490 teachers and directors, that are already attending the training processes provided in their educational institutions and based on the ICT Competencies model for the professional development of the Ministry of Education.

For the second semester of the year, the training route was complemented with talks aimed at parents and focused on the safe and responsible use of ICTs from the strategy En TIC Confío (“I trust in ICT”) of the Ministry of Information Technology and Communication – MINTIC. To this date, 199 parents of 6 of the 20 educational institutions that are in the program have assisted, receiving some tools to support and supervise the use of the Internet in children and young people.

In addition, a training began with 15 ceviche growers of Carmen de Bolívar, which are part of Nutresa Group value chain. This activities seeks to improve their quality management processes, organizational development, among other fundamental pillars to make their businesses sustainable, leveraged from the use of technology.

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