We strengthen the processes of International Cooperation of the Metropolitan Area

In MAKAIA we develop important efforts to improve the mobilization capacities of national and international resources of organizations and social projects; in a set of actions and services that constitute our line of action International Cooperation and Alliances and where we understand as resources, not only the financial elements, but also human factors, information and knowledge.

For this reason we celebrate the beginning of a series of activities with an important regional organization; the Metropolitan Area of ​​the Aburrá Valley (Área metropolitana del Valle de Aburrá), an administrative entity of public law that associates 10 municipalities (Barbosa, Girardota, Copacabana, Bello, Medellin, Itagüí, Sabaneta, Envigado, La Estrella and Caldas) of Antioquia, linked to each other by territorial, environmental, economic, social, demographic, cultural and technological dynamics and interrelations; advancing coordinating actions of its sustainable and human development, territorial and rational planning and provision of public services. The objective of MAKAIA’s work will be then the strengthening of the processes and capacities of International Cooperation and Agreements of the entity with the support to the dependency of the same name in two fronts:

  • An Advanced Cooperation Training: that includes 6 modules developed in 16 hours of training, in sessions that began on September 11 and will last for 4 weeks. It deals with issues such as intercultural negotiation, relationship with cooperators, budget, contractual, financial and tax follow-up of cooperation agreements and good practices in the accountability with interest groups.
  • A process of prioritization, validation, contact and relationship with cooperators and allies that is carried out through personalized support, focused on the strategy and the objectives defined by the AMVA. In this, we make use of the powerful technological tools that MAKAIA has developed to map cooperation opportunities and the expertise of our human talent that guides the process, developing institutional capacities.

The coordination of the training and the accompaniment processes are made possible thanks to the experience of more than 12 years of our organization in national and international cooperation processes, as well as the knowledge transfer in these subjects that make us a reference for organizations at various scales, which see cooperation as an important tool to develop their missionary work.

In this way, we join efforts and wills, generating a synergy that contributes to the articulated and equitable growth of the associated territories in the Metropolitan Area, that leads the promotion of effective development strategies and solid regional processes, based on the Governance and multisectoral partnerships.

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