A new training opportunity for people with hearing disabilities

We have a new training opportunity in ICT tools for people with hearing disabilities; from October 11 we will carry out a new course in the facilities of the Belén Library Park. This will have 6 hours and aims to bring people to technology for daily life, with content focused on learning and adoption of technologies and the use of the Internet. As on previous occasions, we will have the guidance of Alejandra Serna, an ICT trainer with extensive experience, who will develop all the training in Colombian sign language.

This initiative is part of our project “Inclusion for people with disabilities in Colombia”, which seeks to improve the quality of life of people through ICT and whose recent successful experiences include a training in Digital Literacy for older adults with hearing disabilities developed in May of this year, with the collaboration with the EPM Library and that benefited 15 people who had the opportunity to learn how to use Internet, while developing skills for handling software such as Word and Paint, among others. Later, at the beginning of August, we had another atcivity, this time with Comfenalco and the Public Employment Service as fundamental allies, and we focused on the ICT Tools for employability, providing elements and strategies for the effective search for employment for people with a hearing disability. This one culminated with the certification of 20 people, allowing some of them to immediately access job opportunities.

For this reason, the donations received for this project through the Global Giving platform, as well as the partnerships with organizations that seek to contribute and improve the quality of life of the community with disabilities, have been fundamental in order to expand the free range of services of MAKAIA.

If you have a hearing disability, you are invited to these learning sessions at no cost.

Registration: https://bit.ly/2Q0B6yE
Dates: October 11 and 16
Time: 9:00 a.m to 12:00 p.m.
Place: ICT room. Belén Library Park. Carrera 76 # 18A 19
Information: 4449184 Ext. 4123 *

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* You can use the Relay Center to communicate: http://centroderelevo.gov.co/

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