Social entrepreneurs and world leaders visit MAKAIA and learn of our experience

Hundreds of world leaders and social entrepreneurs will convene in Medellin on October 15 to 18 to for the Annual Conference of Echoing Green All Fellows Conference that celebrates the social impact and drive progress in the search for solutions to the world’s greatest social problems. During this days and the fellows will be able to attend the general meeting with panels, conferences and workshops, but also have the opportunity to learn about experiences that the city has to offer around social innovation, in a series of local visits or “Site visits”.

Under this premise, MAKAIA has been selected as one of the local organizations that will be presenting their work to a group of Fellows who will get to see some of the activities and projects of our organization, knowing the experiences of projects like the  Inclusión for people with disabilities through ICT, the processes of promotion and use of sensors to measure air quality, in an effort to create an Open Data Culture and the Technology for the Social Sector program, thats provides software donations and technological solutions to non-profit organizations and public libraries in Colombia and other 13 countries of Latin America. The visit will take place on Tuesday, October 16 at the facilities of the Belén Library Park and will have a joint work agenda with the regional meeting of TechSoup Regional Partner Latam Meeting, that has MAKAIA as the host.

In this sense, it will be an exchange of experiences focused on the efforts and actions that MAKAIA have done for more than 12 years in a work that has had his epicenter in Medellín but has expanded for more than 14 departments of Colombia and benefited more than 3,000 social organizations in Latin America and the Caribbean.

About Echoing Green:

Echoing Green has invested nearly $45 million in seed-funding for early-stage social entrepreneurs, innovators who launch organizations and businesses that challenge the status quo to advance social progress around the world, including in Colombia. Echoing Green’s Fellowship program, which supports these emerging social entrepreneurs for two years, helps launch the careers of future leaders in fields as diverse as human rights, education, global health, and more.

This will be the first time that the Echoing Green All Fellows Conference will take place in Latin America, and Colombia offers an unprecedented opportunity to engage local leaders on key social issues. “Social entrepreneurs are problem solvers by nature, and are willing to transform systems, bringing sustainable solutions to age-old challenges,” said Cheryl L. Dorsey, president of Echoing Green. “There is no better place in the world to see that modeled than in Medellín, Colombia, a city that has become a hub of innovation and entrepreneurship, built with the participation and engagement of stakeholders across the public and private sectors.”

At the heart of this conference is the opportunity for social entrepreneurs and leaders to learn from each other and others in the community. Echoing Green Fellows in attendance will include Juliana Gutiérrez and Juan Manuel Restrepo, the co-founders of Low Carbon City, a citizen-led global platform tackling climate change in cities. They will be joined by Echoing Green Fellows from countries like Vietnam, Nigeria, United States, Haiti, India, Italy, and more, to discuss challenges they face as they launch and scale organizations in their counties. Other speakers at the event will include Federico Gutiérrez, Mayor of Medellín.

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