MAKAIA Global: we participate in regional, national and international events with our projects and initiatives

MAKAIA is a global organization. Since its creation, through more than 12 years of experiences, projects and initiatives, we have maintained an integrating perspective that seeks to cooperate, innovate and develop solutions based on information and technology as a key for social development. For this reason, our organization participates continuously in events, meetings and local, regional, national and international work tables where we present our work and strengthen ties with people and organizations that allow us to amplify the impact of our proposals or join efforts that result in benefits for communities and the Social Sector.

During the months of September and October of this year, MAKAIA was present in the following spaces:

  • Business Roundtable of the NGO Federation of Antioquia – FAONG: The articulated work as an element of negotiation (Medellín, September 2018): This regional event was designed as a stage for social organizations to gain recognition at the sector level and achieve strategic alliances through the exchange of capabilities; services, needs and experiences. In this sense, MAKAIA presented the technological solutions it offers through the Technology Program for the Social Sector, which offers software donations to strengthen technological capabilities for NGOs and other social entities.
  • 2nd International Conference of the Latin American Network of Social Innovation (Bogotá and Medellín, September 2018): Part of the LASIN Project which seeks for Latin American universities to build a new model of relationship with society, through the promotion of social innovation; the purpose of this meeting was to learn about experiences developed in other territories and to exchange good practices of social innovation to contribute to regional and international development and cohesion. MAKAIA participated in the working session: Using technology as a tool for social innovation, presenting his experience with the project “Technological Transformation: improving the life of coffee growers in Colombia” that takes place in the department of Meta.
  • 5th Internet Governance Forum (Bogotá, September 2018): organized by the Colombian Bureau of Internet Governance, was a space that featured the presence of prominent panelists, representatives of the academy, directors of Public Organizations of the Telecommunications Sector and private companies that discussed issues such as Human Rights and Internet, the Digital Divide and the challenges of a multi-stakeholder model for Internet Governance. The Executive Director of MAKAIA Carlos González, participated in a Rural Access panel, moderated by the director of the National Spectrum Agency, presenting the experience of bringing the Internet through TVWS technology to communities of Meta in the Transformación Tecnológica project.
  • International Open Data Conference – IODC 2018 (Buenos Aires, Argentina, September 2018): This event that brought together a global community of people interested in learning, sharing, planning and collaborating in the future of open data. The organizers will work with stakeholders and partners around the world to strengthen the cohesion between existing open data efforts and explore new ways to boost social and economic value around the world. MAKAIA was invited to participate in a Panel “Think Local – Better data through community participation” where our Strategy Director Catalina Escobar interacted with members of the TechSoup network and explain our experience with the Collective Open Data Pilot. The Conference was organized by the Government of Argentina, the Open Data Network for Development, the International Center for Development Research and the World Bank.
  • 59ª Strategy for Peace Conference de The Stanley Foundation (Washington, USA. October 2018): The Stanley Foundation Conference is consolidated as an event that annually debates the key political challenges for Peace for almost 6 decades, taking advantage of the experience and knowledge of invited experts from the public and private sectors who meet at autonomous roundtables. Our founder María Claudia Camacho was attending the activities that addressed such important issues as technology, climate change, peace-building, resilience and the importance of the partnerships of multiple actors (public-private-social ) to develop Social change.
  • Festival of Innovation and Technology- FITS Colombia (Bogotá, October 2018): The third version of this event was a day to find, articulate and share knowledge that helps civil society organizations in their daily work, through technological tools. The participation of MAKAIA in this case was oriented to the presentation of our Nodo Ká platform and the Technology for the Social Sector program.

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