Nutresa Foundation and MAKAIA supports school management in Colombia through ICT and transforms the lives of hundreds of teachers

Daissy Betancur and Cristina Villa prepare their bags for their master’s studies in Brazil. The year 2018 will mark an important moment in the lives of these two teachers of “Barrio Santander” Educational Institution, located in Medellín, since it will represent the year in which they were awarded the scholarships for postgraduate studies of the OAS International Program. Looking back, both agree that one of the keys to achieving this goal was the 80 hours of training and guidance on ICT Competencies for Teacher Professional Development who both completed in the Program “Orientáte: el mundo a un clic” of Nutresa Foundation:

 “Part of our scholarship assignment is owed to the Orient Program, because it allowed us to capture innovative and dynamic tools in our essays and scholarship project, material that helped us obtain a high score to access it.”

The recognition of the teachers is a motive of satisfaction for MAKAIA, as it ratifies the work of four consecutive years that we have worked with Nutresa Foundation. The “Oriéntate” program continues to be a highly innovative initiative, which develops digital competencies in teachers and directors from the regions of Antioquia, Cauca, Bolívar, Cundinamarca and Valle del Cauca. The program search to encourage the effective use of ICTs; allow them to apply tools to enhance their pedagogical practices in the classroom, develop skills to excel in their environment (with results as positive as the opportunity to Training received by Daissy and Cristina) and experience the transformation in the pedagogical practice, like is the case of Yasmín Gómez, teacher at the School Fagua Sede Tiquiza (Chia, Cundinamarca):

“Oriéntate was a very meaningful workspace for my profession, because I didn’t know the ICT tools seen in every session of the program. Involving other tools to the classroom with the students, for me it was magical. Everything I learned in the course, I applied with my students getting great results. I am very happy with the work done.”

This year, 1,457 people benefited for the program with a direct impact on 462 teachers and 78 directors from 20 public educational institutions in the five regions mentioned. The work with directors focused on school management, enhancing the creation of content and the use of tools to improve communication strategies with the educational community, with examples as successful as the educational institution Julián Trujillo Trujillo (Valle del Cauca) describe here by Nathalie Zárate, Patricia Espinosa and Aníbal Rodríguez:

“The program process of education was an enriching experience that allowed us to approach a series of technological applications that are striking and appropriate for classroom management. During each session, our tutor managed to let us work with to the applications and practices with them to made familiar to us.  Finally, it was decided to integrate what was learned in the course to the personal improvement plan, which is a fundamental pillar within the institution. This project aims to make students, from very young age and through various strategies, reflect on their personal situation, define goals and implement actions to reach them.”

This results in addition to the realization of online security talks that convened 832 parents and focused on the responsible use of Internet at home, aligned with the strategy “EnTIC Confío” of the Ministry of Information Technology and Communication – Mintic. In addition, we developed processes of appropriation of technological tools with 85 people linked to the strategy of inclusive business of Nutresa group (coffee growers, food banks, among others) to improve their productive processes and the management of their organizations.

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