25 February, 2019

Results of the Digital Transformation Workshops in Medellín, Bogotá and Cali

“Digital transformation is described as the integration of digital technology in all areas of an organization, fundamentally changing the way of operating and delivering value to […]
19 February, 2019

Catalina Escobar in MET Forum: Women, Energy and Technology

On February 12* a new edition of the MET Forum: Women, Energy and Technology was held in the city of Medellin; an event promoted by MET […]
16 February, 2019

MAKAIA and Probono Foundation invite Social Organizations to this event about the Special Tax Regime

In MAKAIA we continue working for the strengthening of the Social Sector Organizations. In addition to having an offer of Technology and Cooperation services, we develop […]
12 February, 2019

New IoT devices improves productivity of coffee growers

In the last three months the project “Technological Transformation: improving the life of coffee growers in Colombia” has been transformed. The management of important alliances, the […]
28 January, 2019

Workshop: Digital Transformation in the Social Sector

Innovation and technology are two of the pillars of MAKAIA. Through the actions we develop in our strategic line Technology for Social Change, we seek to […]
18 January, 2019

Digital Adoption Workshop for people with hearing disabilities

At MAKAIA we remain convinced that technology is a tool for social inclusion. For this reason, our first Digital Adoption Workshop of 2019 that will have […]
8 December, 2018

Nutresa Foundation and MAKAIA supports school management in Colombia through ICT and transforms the lives of hundreds of teachers

Daissy Betancur and Cristina Villa prepare their bags for their master’s studies in Brazil. The year 2018 will mark an important moment in the lives of […]
31 October, 2018

MAKAIA Global: we participate in regional, national and international events with our projects and initiatives

MAKAIA is a global organization. Since its creation, through more than 12 years of experiences, projects and initiatives, we have maintained an integrating perspective that seeks […]
27 October, 2018

We shared knowledge in the 2018 Infoplazas Regional Meetings (Panama)

After the successful experience of the Learning Visit held in June, where representatives of Infoplazas Panama visited Medellín and Bogotá with MAKAIA to observe the work […]