Bayunca, New Territory of Innovation

The world has changed a lot in this last decade, the new reality in which we find ourselves immersed is completely technified in all its areas, and  education sector needs to renew itself to open up to new fields of education that are being fundamental to be able to train the new generations.

This is how we want to promote the employability of young NiNis, located in Bayunca through the Innovation Laboratories, thanks to the BootCamp intensive training  we promote the use and appropriation of ICT and also the development of skills for the Century XXI  as: Communication, Teamwork, Negotiation and Creativity, It allows us to contribute knowledge and skills to improve the professional qualification for the participants and that they can join the world of work with better conditions.

In Alliance with Fundación CEA, Hocol, we managed to impact 55 young people between 18 and 28 years of age from the village of Bayunca, Cartagena. Bolivar.

Technology must be transversal, although it is thought that the use of technology is only for office activities, at an educational level it is very broad,  from the classrooms a more dynamic and pleasant environment can be created, so that young people learn from the new educational models and can access technology in a more friendly way, making the search for information, or use the Internet for different activities such as: making virtual visits to museums, discovering augmented reality or an infinity of other possibilities.

¿What are really the reasons that have led to think that Young NINI should learn Robotics and Programming?

Learn  from the testimony of Richard Díaz, who created the prototype of a “Solar Tracker” as a solution to lighting and electricity problems in his community.

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