Welcome to Geek Academy!


Who are we?

We are an alliance between MAKAIA, Agile Innova and E-volution: three organizations that work with technology, innovation and digital solutions and have decided to share their knowledge through an Academy of coding and programming.


What do we offer?

We help you to learn, practice and develop programming and coding skills in 8 weeks so you can become a junior developer for web and apps, and this way prepare to enter the world of digital enterpreneurship or get a job with one of our partners.


What will you learn?

In addition to programming, you will strengthen other competences and work with agile methodologies of software development and ICT entrepreneurship. We will also support you in the search for employment and relationship with companies.

Our courses

Line 1: Web/Mobile Frontend Development

In this course competences will be formed to make the layout of graphical interfaces for web applications using HTML-CSS, bootstrap, material design, with emphasis on Javascript for what the ReactJS tool will be used. Likewise, the development of graphical interfaces for mobile devices will be carried out using ReactNative. The above will be complemented with testing tools.

Line 2: Web/Backend Javascript Development

In this course competences will be formed for programming functions, procedures or applications that process information on the server side, using technologies such as: NodeJS, MongoDB, GRAPHQL and Firebase.

Line 3: Development of Video Game Mechanics applied to Virtual Reality technologies

In this course competences will be formed for the development of immersive experiences for 3D environments, using for this the Unity tool and programming for some of the technologies of visualization available in the market such as Samsung Gear VR, Oculus Go, Microsoft Mixed Reality, HTC Vive or Oculus Rift.

Requirements to apply for a scholarship (full or partial)

For each of the Frontend and Backend courses we have 25 scholarships (partial or full), and for the Video Game Mechanics course there are 10 scholarships available, which will be aimed at graduates of technical media from one of the Educational Institutions of Valle of Aburrá. To request one of them you must complete the online form and attach the following documents:​

  1. High School degree of a program in software development, issued in the period from December 2017 to date.
  2. Qualifications record of grades 10 and 11, with especial atention to the subjects of technical media.
  3. A letter of recommendation subscribed by the teacher of the Educational Institution that accompanied the program of technical media.
  4. A personal essay of two pages (max), about his/her life project and how he/she visualizes a future as a professional in the sector of software development.
  5.  A 3 minutes presentation video.

Do not meet the requirements?

Do you meet the requirements?

Do not meet the requirements?

Do you meet the requirements?

Our Partners

Our partners are companies willing to support you or even hire you after you finish your training, if you show that you deserve it:

Do you have questions or need more information?

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