Management and Strengthening of Partnerships and Institutionalization of Cooperation in the Public Sector

Date of implementation: August 2016 - December 2016
Location: Rionegro, Colombia
Partners: Mayor of Rionegro.

Cities are increasingly assuming a preponderant role as actors at the international level. Globalization and the global trend of urbanization are two closely related processes that move simultaneously, and it is therefore necessary for cities to articulate to this process with strategies that allow them to guarantee a position in the global environment, ensuring well-being and development of its citizens.

The international action of local governments is a phenomenon that is linked to the conditions of each territory, public administration, international relations, economy, international cooperation and urbanism, among other things.

Through sessions of knowledge identification, formative processes in cooperation and formulation of projects, the design of strategies of international cooperation, mapping opportunities and the development of a relationship strategy, MAKAIA has taken on the task of developing and implementing a model for managing and strengthening strategic partnerships for the Mayor of Rionegro.

However, this project also seeks the institutionalization of international cooperation from the public sector. This was done by developing the identification and establishment of a baseline for international action, the case study and internationalization models of cities and the definition of a suitable, adjusted and relevant structure proposal that supports the expected international action model.