Nodo Ká

Nodo Ká is a platform created by MAKAIA in 2013 to open the door to opportunities for resource mobilization. At MAKAIA we find that more than 80% of opportunities are lost because the social sector does not know them, therefore, we developed the Nodo Ká platform to democratize relevant information on calls and opportunities for the social sector and enhance the capture of financial resources , technical and educational by and for social impact.

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How can we support you at Nodo Ká?

Learn about resource mobilization

At Nodo Ká you will learn from national and international experts on how and where access to the different sources of financing for development. Attend webinars and virtual trainings, manuals, articles and documents that will teach you on the road to resource mobilization.

Manage and access opportunities for resource mobilization

Access the world of opportunities and calls on the latest in resource mobilization, customize your searches and filters based on your organization’s resource mobilization interest; receive and schedule automatic sendings to receive reminders of new opportunities available to your organization.

Network with strategic allies

Access key information on potential local, national and international partners through our network of organizations that are connected and related by and for social impact.

How can you become part of our Nodo Ká community?

One Plan
  • Take the first steps in mobilizing resources and access a maximum of 3 visits per week of the opportunities available on the platform.
Premium Plan starting at
$36 USDper month
  • All the power of Nodo Ká in your hands, have unlimited access to the directory of organizations, opportunities and calls and access to the Mapping of opportunities. Also, access exclusive virtual training content for your organization.

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