In Nodo Ká you can ding International Cooperation information about USD 620 million in cooperation opportunities, 1801 allies, 2999 organizations, 1242 study opportunities, 1610 funds and calls and 214 job offers in the social sector.

Last year, we evolved to a suite of applications for the social sector. With a wider panorama of benefits and with virtual tools for institutional strengthening. Nodo Ká, will also allow all user from any subscription plan to access new applications, such as the Digital Maturity Model, the Technology Program for the Social Sector and a free version of the Beneficiaries Management Module.

Nodo Ká Services

Technology for Social Sector: MAKAIA, Techsoup and its global network of partners, provides technological tools that enable the social sector to be strengthened, through software donations and capacity building, to help organizations fulfill their mission to change the lives of people and transform communities.

Directory of Organizations: This directory seeks to give visibility to registered organizations, promote their programs and projects, encourage collaboration between them and with other sectors. It contains information about the actions of each organization, contact information, governance structure, beneficiaries, projects, allies, donors, among others. It also serves as a directory of donors for partnerships and resource mobilization. All information is geo-referenced. The platform allows alert activation from the directory and the other sections.

Job and volunteers opportunities: It allows organizations to publish job and volunteer offers and receive applications.

Digital maturity model: This application gives a report of the ICT adoption level in the different areas of social organizations. The diagnosis of digital maturity qualifies the organization and places it in one of the three possible levels: Explorer, Innovator and Integrator.

Mapping of Opportunities: mapping of national and international cooperation opportunities (Calls, funding funds, events, research documents, trends). It allows to save each mapping, receive alerts with updates, track organizations and opportunities, and promote collaboration within the organization.

Services and Donations: marketplace for social impact, where people, companies, allies, among others, can offer resources and services to the social sector, and in turn, the social sector can make offers and list their need. You can exchange information, resources and services in categories such as: food, arts and crafts, equipment, technology, furniture, clothing, specialized services, among others.

Management of beneficiaries and indicators: Application designed for entities that supervise, finance or develop social projects. It allows the entities to have accurate and real-time information about their beneficiaries and their impact. It provides an online database, to record and track the delivery of social services. Some functionalities are not included in the free subscription plan, and are only available for those who acquire the module's license.

Opportunities and Calls: this option allows you to access a portfolio of national and international opportunities and calls.