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This is an initiative to face the crisis that we are living in front of the COVID 19 scenario. We want to generate opportunities to promote the employability of young people in our city. Through programming, at Academia Geek we instill in young people proactive attitudes towards knowledge, training them in social skills to work as a team and training them in specific skills to enter the technology industry.

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We provide programming training to young people with an emphasis on three lines, in addition to other skills, entrepreneurship methodologies and employment support.

Who we are?

We are an alliance between MAKAIA, Agile Innova and E-volution: three organizations that work with technology, innovation and digital solutions and have decided to share their knowledge and promote the training of IT talent.

What do we offer?

We empower your talent so that in 9 weeks, you can acquire and practice junior web application development skills thus preparing you to start your journey in technological entrepreneurship or work with one of our allies.

Our bootcamps are intensive: Dedication of 5 hours a day, 5 days a week to learn in sessions accompanied by a tutor. Additionally, you need a few hours to work on your own on the challenges that will help you strengthen your knowledge.

During the measures adopted by COVID-19, our classes are virtual, however, our time intensity is the same with the accompaniment of our tutors.

What will you learn?

In addition to programming, you will strengthen other competences and work with agile methodologies of software development and ICT entrepreneurship. We will also support you in the search for employment and relationship with companies.

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Our courses

Acquire the necessary skills to create professional developments.

Line 1: Web/Mobile Frontend Development

In this course competences will be formed to make the layout of graphical interfaces for web applications using HTML-CSS, bootstrap, material design, with emphasis on Javascript for what the ReactJS tool will be used. Likewise, the development of graphical interfaces for mobile devices will be carried out using ReactNative. The above will be complemented with testing tools.

Línea 1: Desarrollo Web / Mobile Frontend

Adquiere competencias para realizar maquetado de interfaces gráficas para aplicaciones web utilizando HTML-CSS, bootstrap, material design, haciendo énfasis en Javascript. Así mismo realizará el desarrollo de interfaces gráficas para dispositivos móviles utilizando ReactNative.

Line 2: Web/Backend Javascript Development

In this course competences will be formed for programming functions, procedures or applications that process information on the server side, using technologies such as: NodeJS, MongoDB, GRAPHQL and Firebase.

Línea 2: Desarrollo Web Backend con orientación Javascript

Adquiere competencias para programar funciones, procedimientos o aplicaciones que procesen información del lado del servidor, utilizando tecnologías como: NodeJS, MongoDB, GRAPHQL y Firebase.

Academia Geek Be+capable!

This chapter of Academia Geek is aimed with priority for people with disabilities. We currently have 32 students who are in the process of learning programming concepts. So we go with this accessible and inclusive adventure:

  • 509 registered people, of these, 212 are people with disabilities.
  • 493 people meet the requirements of the call, 198 of them are people with disabilities.
  • 261 present the challenge of reading, writing and mathematical logic, 108 are people with disabilities.
  • 81 people pass the first filters and go to interview, 65 of them are people with disabilities.
  • 45 people with disabilities start the leveling in basic programming concepts.
  • 32 people start their training process at Academia Geek, 27 of them are people with disabilities.

The training will last 9 weeks and in addition to contemplating the development of programming skills, we will enhance the 21st century skills of the participants, as well as their skills for employment and design thinking.

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