Corporate Citizenship with Samsung

Date of Implementation: May 2017 - December 2017
Location: Colombia
Constituents: Education Sector (children, youth and teachers)
Partners: Samsung Electronics Colombia

Samsung Corporate Citizenship sees education as the main engine for development. Through education and technology projects, Samsung has approached the community by promoting employability in young people and learning opportunities based on innovation and the use of technology as a tool to solve problems within communities.

MAKAIA has been chosen by Samsung to put in place its Corporate Citizenship programs in Colombia, supporting the identification of opportunities for improvement, management of allies in science, education and technology sectors, event management, founding, the implementation of good practices and the promotion of significant experiences.

During the year 2017, Samsung implemented the following programs:

  • Smart School: is the first digital learning environment in Latin America equipped with technology in which research processes are developed in partnership with universities and public schools. This space encourages the educational adoption of mobile devices in the classroom, while it generates replicable models that benefit all children in Colombia.
  • Samsung Nomad: mobile classrooms that seek to delivering of a different education experience, where children of all ages can benefit from technology to interact with educational content. Since 2016, the Nomad has worked with communities in Puerto Boyacá, Gamezá, Monguí, Rincon del Mar (Sucre), Santa Cruz del Islote, Medellín, Sotará (Cauca), Quintana (Cauca), Caldono (Cauca), Cucunubá , Valledupar, Codazzi (Cesár), San Diego (Cesar) and Bogota. This initiative will reach Reintegration areas in Caquetá, Cesar and Vichada.
  • Tech Institute is part of an extensive global network of Digital Academies and Technology Institutes, partnered with universities and technology centers of great prestige. This Institutes create new job opportunities for young people. In Colombia, Samsung partnered with SENA to increase apprentices competitiveness in the job market and improve the human talent for the Colombian electric sector. The Institute is a space that allows students to learn about installation and repair of White Line and mobile devices.
  • Samsung Corporate Volunteering in Colombia: this program is promoted by more than 100 volunteers, employees and collaborators of Samsung Electronics that share with childrens of public schools in Bogotá to fulfilling the goal of demonstrating that #mitiempovalelapena (#mytimeisworthit).
  • Educational Aid for Veteran Descendants of the Korean War:This idea arose motivated by its Samsung Korean roots. The intention is that children and grandchildren of the Colombian veterans of the Korean War can access educational programs in different modalities. Currently there are 17 beneficiaries on secondary or university.