Oriéntate: the world at a clic

Orientáte, the world at a click is an innitiative of Nutresa Foundation, entity that leads the corporate citizenship strategy of Nutresa Group and its businesses. It is registered in its line of Education, where it has been consolidated as a bet for the improvement of the educational environment in the country, through the development of competences in teachers and teaching directors of public educational institutions in the country and in the communities belonging to the chain of value of the Nutresa Group, with the aim of contributing to the integration of ICT in their daily activities and in the classroom, in addition to improving management processes with the use and appropriation of technology in society.

For five consecutive years it has been operated by MAKAIA, enrolling in our line of action Technology for Social Change, where we have generated appropriation diagnostics and technological infrastructure that have allowed us to develop contents according to the needs of each of the population groups, as well as as the appropriation and sensitization processes of hundreds of teachers, directors, parents and producers.

2015 – Currently

Different regions of Colombia

  • Teachers and managers of public educational institutions
  • Parents
  • People linked to the Nutresa Group’s inclusive businesses (mothers and agricultural producers, among others) 

Nutresa Foundation

The project uses the ICT Adoption Model built by MAKAIA as a basis. As well as the ICT Competence Model for the professional development, of the Ministry of Education, where three learning moments are established in the Technological Competence:

  1. Explorer: recognizes a broad spectrum of technological tools and some ways to integrate them into educational practice.
  2. Integrator: uses various technological tools in educational processes according to their role, training area, level and context in which they perform.
  3. Innovative: the teacher applies the knowledge of a wide variety of technologies in the design of innovative learning environments and to propose solutions to problems identified in the context

In the processes with parents, we promote tools for the accompaniment of children and young people in the use of Internet, in alignment with the strategy En Tic Confío (In ICT I Trust) of the Ministry of Information and Communication Technologies – MINTIC. 

In 2015 we trained 443 teachers and 85 people linked to inclusive businesses.

In 2016 we trained 459 teachers, 56 directors of educational institutions and 113 people linked to inclusive businesses.

In 2017 we trained 444 teachers, 46 managers from 19 public schools, 1402 parents and 124 people linked to inclusive businesses.

In 2018 we reached 1457 people with a direct impact in 462 teachers and 78 directors of 20 public schools. As well as 832 parents  and 85 people linked to inclusive businesses.