Women in Technology

Women in Technology is a commitment to overcome the social and gender gap, through the approach of young women in the city of Medellín to technology and STEM activities (science, technology, engineering and mathematics), generating skills to make use of technology as an opportunity for social and economic inclusion, whether as a professional choice, entrepreneurship project or employability.

It has the financial support of the Motorola Solutions Foundation and the Rodrigo Arroyave Arango Foundation. Its execution is led by the Ruta N Medellín with an intervetntion of MAKAIA and the Marina Orth Foundation. The activities are developed in the Center for Criminal Responsibility for youth Carlos Lleras Restrepo, popularly known as “La Pola” and the Educational Institution La Avanzada, located in commune 1, northeast of the city. In this sense, it is aimed at women in vulnerable conditions, who live in communities of low-income and/or in processes of restitution of rights in the juvenile penitentiary.

March 2018 – Currently

Medellín, Colombia

Young women (between 14 and 18 years old) in conditions of vulnerability, low-income communities and/or in processes of restitution of rights of the city of Medellín.

Bring women and girls to activities that involve the development of software technology, ratifying the commitment to train human talent and overcome the gap of women dedicated to technology. The activities in La Pola, seek the reincorporation to social life through the strengthening of soft skills and development of other skills and abilities for working life, as well as, minimize the number of young people in the armed conflict and urban violence in the city. In the School, it seeks to strengthen the life and work skills of young women who want to dedicate themselves to the areas of technology or the continuation of higher education in the area.

The Marina Orth Foundation has carried out intensive training sessions in programming technology called bootcamps. For its part, MAKAIA, guides the development of soft skills through technology; strengthening aspects such as assertive communication, creative thinking, leadership and teamwork, through products and tools developed in the same training processes.

As cross-cutting strategies, Ruta N seeks to encourage and motivate women to interact with technology, as well as demolish negative stereotypes in the face of women’s connection to technology, through various events, as well as attracting talent, promoting that Students participate in the Science Clubs, with the aim of encouraging their professional orientation towards STEM areas.

As a social purpose, the program aims to overcome three phenomena of social exclusion: the effect of the girl (discrimination and greater risks in situations of vulnerability); double exclusion (gender + race or gender + sexual orientation, gender + socio-economic situation, etc.); and the “NEEF” (Youth not in Education, Employment, or Training), most of whom are women.

Due to the nature of the project and its development with several entities, MAKAIA contributes to the fulfillment of a goal of the Motorola Foundation (250) with its own goal (60 certified women) and 120 hours of training. Thus, achievements have been obtained in two phases or moments:

  • 45 Girls between 14 and 18 years old were certified in the first phase developed in La Pola and La Avanzada School with 90 hours of training.
  • 20 Girls between 14 and 18 years old were certified in for the second phase, which was developed fully in La Pola, This one included 32 hours of training..