The Library Network strengthens its management of alliances and strategic relationships

Date of implementation: 2016
Location: Medellín, Colombia
Partners: Network of Libraries of Medellín.

Alongside the Libraries Network of Medellín, we have developed an agreement with the objective of managing and supporting the strengthening of strategic alliances in National and International Cooperation and Resource Mobilization in the Network.

As part of this agreement, collection, analysis, systematization and evaluation of sources of cooperation activities were carried out through the mapping of national and international cooperation opportunities; relationship mechanisms were designed to get in touch with the cooperators resulting from the prioritization of the mapping of opportunities; we coordinated and developed actions for the management of alliances and cooperation through strategic connections with national and international cooperators; we advise and execute applications for calls, prizes and subsidies; and we provided access to our cooperation platform , which within its many functionalities contains a database of partners and cooperants.