11 / 10 / 2017

Internet access in schools and fincas of Mesetas, Meta

With the use of the technology TV White Spaces we ensure the connectivity of 5 farms and 2 educational institutions in Mesetas, Meta.

The absence of connectivity in the rural area of ​​Mesetas, Meta, where we developed our project "Technological Transformation: Improving the lives of coffee growers in Colombia", showed the need for a stage of installation and adaptation of technology to give access to Internet to the farms and educational institutions of the area. For this, the used TV White Spaces technology, that allows the use of the blanks of the analog television spectrum to bring broadband internet to rural regions.

Since October 6, people in the area have access to the internet, as it was completed the installation of equipment and technical adjustments necessary to bring the Internet service to the farms and schools in the region. 5 farms and 2 educational institutions were used to make the installation of towers and connectivity points that will provide the necessary coverage for the area.

This complements the digital literacy and ICT appropriation training that is being carried out in the area with coffee farmers and teachers to improve the competitiveness of Mesetas, Meta, in the areas education and technology.