22 / 08 / 2017

Significant Experiences in Open Data

The "Open Data Pilot" proposed by the Strategic Data Council of Medellín seeks to promote the Open Data Culture in the city through a network of sensors for the monitoring of air pollution with the participation and commitment of each citizen in the use of open data. Within the framework of this project, 5 Cultural Centers and Public Libraries were chosen in Medellín, where air pollution measurement sensors were installed and workshops were given focused on the following topics:

  • Air quality and literacy in open data usage.
  • Sensor installation, configuration and preventive maintenance, Big Data.
  • Sensor-published data processing, visualization and practicality.

With these workshops, it is expected that Libraries and Centers will begin to replicate this information and propose innovative initiatives and projects focused on the use of Open Data, and thus encourage the creation of an Open Data Culture in the community.

Significant Experiences

The House of Culture Los Alcázares is one of the cultural centers that currently has one of these sensors installed. They have decided to share this Open Data Pilot project not only with people who were interested in receiving the workshops, but also with the other visitors of the House. In a screen located in the space most concurrent of the House, they project in real time what is happening with the map of sensors and the quality of the air in its surroundings. Thanks to this initiative, the people of the community, in addition to being curious about this project, have decided to address the issue of open data and air quality in other projects of the cultural center.

An example of this is the Red de Huerteros de Medellín, an initiative of the House of Culture Los Alcázares, which brings together people interested in learning and applying gardening skills. They have organized the Huertero Cycle Tour, a program in which these huerteros visit different communes of the city and community gardens where they share they knowledge. Within the framework of this Cycle Tour a new learning module is being designed on the importance of measuring air quality and open data for orchards. Knowledge that will be replicated in all the gardens that belong to the Network.