21 / 04 / 2017

Successful completion of our Project with Beyond Access

We have completed our project “Beyond Access: Making information work for everyone” . We complete our activities of training librarians and accompanying libraries in the different regions in which we work. Although the project was culminated in Latin America, we will continue to promote the methodological principles of Beyond Access; to turn the library into the center of community development, to disseminate and encourage librarian work before government agencies, the private sector and institutions and to facilitate alliances.

In addition to establishing strong conceptual and methodological bases, training methodologies for librarians will continue to be implemented. Thanks to the United Nations South-South Cooperation Fund (Pérez Guerrero Fund) and to inter-institutional partnerships with ANTEL in Uruguay and the National Library of Peru, we will give continuity to this project .

This project leaves more than 100 libraries in Latin America, the Caribbean and Nigeria and its librarians trained in agile, innovative and modern methodologies on topics such as:

  • Modern conception of 21st century libraries
  • Online Government
  • Job Opportunities and Workforce Development
  • Literacy, reading promotion and technology
  • Innovative use of digital devices in library services

    We thank our allies in this project: EPM Foundation Library Network, IREX, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, National Libraries of Peru and Uruguay, ANTEL in Uruguay and CEDRO in Peru.