80 social organizations are strengthened in international cooperation

In order to continue positively impacting the implementation of the Peace Agreement at the territorial level, with greater proximity to the affected populations, MAKAIA in partnership with the French Embassy in Colombia, developed between October and December a training process in the formulation and design of international cooperation projects for 80 social organizations.

The participating organizations in Colombia were from the departments of Antioquia, Chocó and Valle del Cauca; these had presented projects to the Embassy with important proposals for peace building, but with challenges in terms of their formulation to access more opportunities.

For this reason, this 28-hour training process was created with 8 modules where topics such as the introduction to concepts and basic notions of the international cooperation system; the design, formulation of projects and participation in European Union calls for proposals and practical tools were addressed so that the organizations have the necessary knowledge to develop effective and sustainable projects.