Training and consulting

At Makaia, we drive the development of capacities within the social impact sector for the mobilization of national and international resources. Solutions in Resource Mobilization are available to organizations aiming to enhance their results and the development of programs and projects that generate greater social impact.

Training for impact

Resource Movilization training.


Tailored support processes for defining resource mobilization strategies for impact organizations and strengthening their capacities in opportunity searching, management, relationship-building, and project formulation. 

International cooperation agendas

We accompany social organizations, second-tier foundations, municipalities, governments or other territorial entities, in their development of national and international alliances.

Identification and analysis of opportunities for Resource Mobilization

We investigate in detail and to the extent the opportunities for national and international cooperation for social organizations, where organizations and networks are identified (funds, trusts, endowments, governments, multilateral organizations, NGOs).

Success Stories

Equity, equality, and inclusion. Stories of impact with Enlaza Sur. 

Project formulation in partnership with the French Embassy in Colombia.

A Journey to Resource Mobilization excellence with EPM.

Makaia’s transformative impact on organizational resource management.