Training and consulting

In MAKAIA we promote the development of capacities for the social sector around the mobilization of resources, promoting training and advice that helps organizations expand their knowledge and skills to achieve resources. For this reason, we have designed a training program and solutions that guide organizations in this process.

Training for impact

We develop workshops and courses for social organizations in which they learn about resource mobilization, identify opportunities and learn to formulate and manage projects with which they can receive funding.

Identification and analysis of opportunities for resource mobilization

We investigate in detail and to the extent the opportunities for national and international cooperation for social organizations, where organizations and networks are identified (funds, trusts, endowments, governments, multilateral organizations, NGOs).

International Cooperation Agendas

We accompany social organizations, second-tier foundations, municipalities, governments or other territorial entities, in their development of national and international alliances.

Accompaniment for strategic connections

Accompaniment to social organizations, development projects and corporate social responsibility initiatives, among others, in their development of alliances with national and international cooperators and in the implementation of relationship strategies with them resulting from the process of mapping opportunities. In addition, MAKAIA will accompany each of the scheduled sessions.