International Cooperation Support for Metropolitan Area of the Aburrá Valley

Project Execution: July to December 2019

Location: Medellín, Colombia

Beneficiaries: Cooperation and Agreements Sub-directorate – METROPOLITAN AREA OF ABURRÁ VALLEY


MAAV Metropolitan Area of Aburrá Valley

Accompaniment in international cooperation through the identification of cooperation opportunities, the development of a relationship and accompaniment agenda in its international cooperation processes.

Achievements achieved with the project:

  • In relation to the search for opportunities, 16 new strategic actors were identified, information from 21 organizations was updated, providing a more strategic contact to establish relationships, and information was shared from 5 calls to apply.
  • Thirteen relationship opportunities were prioritized and a strategy was defined to access each one, achieving communication with 7 of these organizations and it was applied to a call.
  • Regarding accompaniment, achievement indicators were defined in CI, criteria were set for prioritizing cooperation opportunities, and accompaniment was made to the communications sent to promote the relationship.
  • As a result of the development of CI services, the Metropolitan Area of Aburrá Valley managed to expand knowledge in the field of CI, develop CI management actions and promote the generation of alliances.