What We Do

At Makaia we work through cooperation, technology and innovation to design solutions that empower individuals and communities to address the challenges of their environment.

We develop our own methodologies for designing and implementing replicable and scalable projects.

We establish alliances with other organizations and we use ICT as a fundamental tool to close gaps, achieve greater social inclusion, combat poverty and drive true social transformations.

Lines of Work

We focus our work on two areas where we contribute to social development:

Resource Mobilization

We enhance the resource mobilization capabilities of national and international social organizations and projects, encompassing human, financial, and informational resources.

At Nodoká, we bridge opportunities, resources, and knowledge for social impact. Here, social impact organizations find the essential tools to mobilize resources and generate real change in society.

We offer a suite of solutions to empower the social sector in resource mobilization capacity building.

Technology for Social Change

We improve the living conditions of individuals and communities, as well as the capacities of social organizations through the use and adoption of technology, digital contents and applications.

We accompany organizations in their Digital Transformation journey, enabling them to achieve greater agility, fluidity, adaptability, scalability, and sustainability in their operations.

We developed a TIC Appropriation model that enables individuals and communities to acquire competencies and skills to promote their development through ICT.

This is a unique event format that fosters dialogue on the various issues that impact technology’s role in social and human development.