Ticso: Technology, Innovation and Cooperation for Social Impact, is an event to promote dialogue between different sectors on the role of technology in social change. This year, in its second version, it articulated the discussion about the Digital opportunities and challenges to face the new reality, a topic of interest for all sectors of society facing the scenario that is being configured by COVID-19.

Attendees in each panel
National and international experts
Hours of exchange and training

On Thursday, September 24, we had an incredible event. #TICSO2020 left us great lessons and tools to respond to the challenges that we are facing as a society. In each of the panels we had more than 300 people connected simultaneously, following the conversation with our guests. Below we share the links to each panel, which are published on our YouTube channel so you can see and share them.

Thank you for being part of TICSO: Opportunities and digital challenges to face the new reality. We look forward to next year with much more to share and learn about technology, innovation, social development, digital transformation and more.


7:50 a.m Introduction
8:00 a.m – 9:00 a.m
Panel AgTech: Technology to enhance rural development
Moderator: Andrea Londoño – CEO & Founder, ALO

  • Jaime Galviz – General Manager, Microsoft Colombia
  • Ariana Araujo – Project Officer, Safe Platform – Hivos
  • John Loughridge – Chief Value Officer, Fairtrade International

9:00 a.m – 10:10 a.m
Panel Panel 21st century skills and 4IR
Moderador: María Claudia Camacho – Chief, Labor and Employment Section, OAS

  • Laura Ripani – Principal Specialist at the Labor Markets and Social Security Division, IDB
  • Mario Ramírez – Consulting Partner, Bilanz
  • Liliana Galeano – Employment Manager, Comfenalco
  • Mateo Samper – Head, Public Sector Partnerships, Ibero-America, Coursera

10:10 a.m – 11:20 a.m
Panel Education and technology
Moderator: Ana Isabel Restrepo – Proyects Director, MAKAIA

  • Leonardo Ortiz – VP of International Partnerships, Code.org
  • Viviana Cano – Sustainability Manager, Tigo
  • Valentina Rojas – ACDI/VOCA
  • Kemly Camacho – Proyects Director, Sulá Batsú

11:20 a.m – 12:30 p.m
Panel Technology for social development
Moderator: Orlando Ayala – International Consultant, National Government Advisor

  • Antonio García – Lead Specialist on telecommunication, IDB
  • Dave Jackson – Colombia’s Digital development advisor, USAID
  • Catalina Escobar – Co Founder and Strategy Director, MAKAIA
  • Carlos Palacio – Dean Faculty of Medicine, UDEA
  • Germán Rueda – Vice Minister of Digital Transformation – MINTIC


1:30 p.m – 2:40 p.m
Panel Technological trends for SMEs and NGOs
Moderator: Maria Liliana Mor – Programs Director, The Trust for the Americas

  • Maria Jose Barreiros – Director of Business Products, Mastercard Worldwide
  • Sandra Acero – Director of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises, Ministerio de Comercio
  • Vyria Paselk – Director Global Cloud Solutions, Techsoup

2:40 p.m – 3:40 p.m
Panel Digital Transformation
Moderator: Ana María Vela Rey – Commercial Directora, MAKAIA

  • Cipriano López – VP of Innovation and Sustainability, Grupo Bancolombia
  • Marcela Perilla – VP, DELL
  • Alejandro Solis – Senior ICT Specialist, DAI
  • Paco Prieto – Innovation Projects Manager, Tecnalia

3:40 p.m – 5:10 p.m
Panel Financing and support mechanisms for digital transformation
Moderator: Andrés Santamaría – Executive Director,RECON

  • Andrés Montoya – Executive Director, Interactuar
  • Carlos González – Executive Director, MAKAIA
  • Zuleima de la Rosa Meza – Chief Technology Officer, Finaktiva
  • Ignacio Gaitán – President, INNpulsa


Laura Ripani

Especialista Principal en Mercados Laborales - BID

Cipriano López González

Vicepresidente de Innovacion y Sostenibilidad - Grupo Bancolombia

Marcela Perilla

Vicepresidente - DELL

Orlando Ayala

Consultor internacional y asesor del gobierno Colombiano - Mision de sabios

Catalina Escobar Bravo

Cofundadora y Directora de Estrategia - MAKAIA

Leonardo Ortíz Villacorta

Vicepresidente de Alianzas Internacionales - Code.org

Antonio García Zaballos

Especialista Líder de Telecomunicaciones, Coordinador Infraestructura digital - BID

Viviana Cano Chica

Gerente Sostenibilidad - Tigo

Carlos González

Director Ejecutivo - MAKAIA

Andrea Londoño

CEO y Fundadora - ALO&Partners

Mario Ramírez

Socio Consultor - BILANZ

Ana Isabel Restrepo

Directora de Proyectos - MAKAIA

Ana María Vela Rey

Directora Comercial - MAKAIA

Paco Prieto

Gestor Proyectos de Innovación - Tecnalia

María Claudia Camacho

Jefe de la Sección de Trabajo y Empleo del Departamento de Desarrollo Humano, Educación y Empleo - OEA

Mateo Samper

Director Gobiernos Iberoamérica - Coursera

Maria Liliana Mor

Directora Innovación de Negocios y Alianzas Regionales - The Trust for the Americas

Andrés Montoya

Director Ejecutivo - Interactuar

John Loughridge

Chief Value Officer

Zuleima de la Rosa Meza

Chief Technology Officer - Finaktiva

Jaime Galviz

Gerente General, Microsoft Colombia

Liliana Galeano

Gerente de Empleo - Comfenalco

Dave Jackson

Oficial de Programas y Asesor de Desarrollo Digital - USAID

Valentina Rojas

Coordinadora de Hands for Change y Líder Fundación CEA - ACDI-VOCA

Vyria Paselk Haverhals

Directora Global de Soluciones en la Nube -Techsoup

Andrés Santamaría

Director Ejecutivo - RECON

Sandra Acero

Directora MiPymes - Ministerio de Comercio

Alejandro Solis

Senior ICT Specialist - DAI

Kemly Camacho

Directora de Proyectos - Sulá Batsú

Carlos Alberto Palacio

Decano Facultad de Medicina - Universidad de Antioquia

Germán Rueda

Viceministro de Transformación Digital - MINTIC

Ariana Araujo

Project Officer Safe Platform - Hivos

Ignacio Gaitán

Presidente - INNpulsa

Maria José Barreiros

Directora de Productos Empresariales - Masterdcard Worldwide

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TICSO 2019

In 2019, TICSO was a space for the exchange of knowledge, experiences and for dialogue around the #4IR. The central theme was the Fourth Industrial Revolution for Social Impact, a reality that came to transform human interaction, breaking into all sectors globally and to improve the living conditions of people and communities. In this event we had:

National and International experts
Hours of exchange and training
  • Knowledge management and networking spaces between representatives of social, governmental and private organizations.
  • Academic lectures and panels​
  • Success stories of young people in technology​