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Strengthen and drive your mission by improving your execution capabilities, productivity, security, design and resource management using the best technological tools for free or highly discounted prices for the social sector

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millions of dollars in licenses saved to the social sector

Technology Program for the social sector

At Makaia we join TechSoup and its global network of partners, to bring the best technology to the social sector, validating and accompanying social organizations in the process of obtaining software.

With our Technology Program for the Social Sector, we provide technological tools that allow the sector to be strengthened, through software donations and capacity building, to help organizations fulfill their mission, change people’s lives and transform communities. We have licenses from large technology houses such as Microsoft, Google, Adobe, Amazon Web Services, Zoom and more. The list of donor partners is constantly growing to offer you the best technological tools.

Only Organizations legally constituted and registered as a Non-profit Entity or with legal status that accredits them as such will benefit. Specifically those whose mission is focused on the benefit of the community with actions that could include: Offering help to people with limited resources, promoting education, improving social welfare, preserving culture, conserving or recovering the environment, promoting human rights , promote the development of civil society, among others.

Companies (SAS, SA, LTDA, Collectives, Limited Partners, etc.), Government Organizations or attached autonomous entities, Political Parties and/or Individuals are not eligible.

Your donation request in 4 steps

Access the website and make your request to receive the benefits of this program.

If you are not from Colombia

You can make your request through the page of

Donations and Software Discounts

Access software or highly discounted donations:

Free solutions for the social sector

Access unlimited corporate accounts and emails from Google and Microsoft. Boost your resource management with a donation of USD 10,000 in Google Ads and crowdfunding platforms.

Formalization and Execution

Start formalizing the basic execution of your organization with the software you need daily such as the operating system, the office suite, antivirus, storage and database management.

Productivity and Collaboration

Drive the operation of your organization through productivity tools, collaboration, video calls, project management and document management.

Development and Security

Innovate in your strategy and operation through data visualization and analytics, advanced security software, database optimization, or even cloud software development.

Design, Creation and Communication

Create, design and communicate through tools that professionalize your messages and boost your social impact.

Resource management

Mobilize, learn and manage international cooperation, fundraising, crowdfunding resources for your organization.

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