MAKAIA means “to build” or “to do”, in Miskito (indigenous language from Honduras). Its name represents the objective of MAKAIA: to build partnerships and relations oriented to social and economic development.

MAKAIA was born on 3 June 2006, from the vision of its three founders Catalina Escobar, Camilo Mondragón and Maria Claudia Camacho. Three Colombians who, after studying and working abroad, decided to establish an organization with the aim of contributing to the development of the country, by taking advantage of their knowledge, experience and networks.

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Between 2007 and 2012, we began to be a model for social entrepreneurship and start to work with national and international partners. We developed a pilot of social enterprise in the city’s Telecentres, participated in the conceptualization of Medellín Smart City, began a training in International Cooperation and began the relationship with Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and with IREX.

We work with Beyond Access looking for a recognition for libraries as development actors. We focus on strengthening our training offer while developing mapping of opportunities for social organizations and we continue working with Colnodo and MinTIC on ICT appropriation processes in different communities.

In 2013, our online cloud-based platform was born, adapted to the administrative, management (internal and external), collaboration and knowledge needs of social organizations, and which offers them institutional strengthening tools to increase their social impact and achieve greater efficiency in meeting their goals. To develop it, we work hand in hand with important allies such as: Colnodo, Sofía Pérez de Soto Foundation, Fundación Fraternidad Medellín, among others.

Between 2014 and 2016, the Permanent Council of the Organization of American States, declared MAKAIA part of the registered civil society organizations and with Techsoup, Google and Microsoft, we started the software donation program for the social sector. Internally, we strengthened our strategic direction. We celebrated 10 years, strengthened our international work and expanded the donation program. We also launched the module of Beneficiary Management and indicators of Nodo Ká.

From 2017 to the present, we explored into the Internet of Things (IoT), Open Data and connectivity for TV white spaces and began our work with coffee growers in Meta with ALO&Partners and Lavazza. We strengthened our Corporate Governance, making a transition and building the Strategy Management. We expanded our work with girls and young people in vulnerable situations, offering them training opportunities in technology. We started a new project of Programming and Code School for young people who neither study nor work. MAKAIA is currently recognized nationally and internationally for its experience in institutional strengthening and outstanding programs and projects focused on the development of the social sector.



We strengthen capacities for social development through technology, innovation and international cooperation.


Every person and organization has the information and knowledge to transform themselves and their communities.


  • Social Conscience
  • Diversity
  • Vanguard / Innovation
  • Self-management and pro-activity
  • Excellence
Social Conscience

Our programs and projects will always reflect and meet the needs and empowerment of communities by supporting them through self-sustaining actions for social transformation.


We are tolerant and we promote different ways of thinking, believing, acting and feeling including cultural, physical and sexual. The first step for social inclusion is acceptance and respect for diversity.

Vanguard / Innovation

We maintain a curious attitude, we are open and willing to gain new knowledge. No idea is as crazy as it seems. We are always one step ahead because we are willing to learn to go outside-the-box.

Self-management and pro-activity

We foster the participation within an environment of tolerance among collaborators, the fulfillment of the tasks assumed and we stimulate the development of their intellectual capacities under pro-activity.


We are committed to the highest quality in the fulfilment of our activities, exceeding the expectation of the customers, consciously and efficiently.

Government Structure

Our organizational structure ensures transparency and good governance. In addition to our operational team, we have management and control bodies such as the Assembly of Founders, the Board of Directors and its advisors.

Assembly of Founders

Catalina Escobar

Camilo Mondragón

María Claudia Camacho

Members of the Executive Board

María Claudia Camacho
Chief, Labor and Employment Section at Dpt.Human Development, Education and Employment, Organization of American States

Clara Inés Restrepo
Independent Consultant

María Carolina Uribe
Partner at UH Abogados

Claudia Frank
Technology Consultant

Carlos Vásquez
VP – Chief Data Officer

Rafael Arango Fonnegra
Independent Consultant

Miguel Jaramillo
Director of Administrative Engineering at EIA

Revisoría fiscal
Professional Organization of Public Accountants – ABAKO`S

Our Team

Catalina Escobar

Co Founder and Strategy Director

Carlos González

Executive Director

Ana Isabel Restrepo

Projects Director

Catalina Restrepo Mejía

Director Corporate Solutions

Olga Devia Gallego

Administrative and Financial Director

Ana María Acosta

Bootcamp MAKAIA – Director

María Alejandra Cardona Aizpurua

RedColaborar Community Leader

Anyela Quintero

Experience Manager

Marcela López

Commercial Manager

Valentina Agudelo Marín

Bootcamp MAKAIA – Administrative Professional

Mateo Andrey Soto

Bootcamp MAKAIA – Employability Professional

Sandra Lucía Tovar Arenas

Marketing Professional

Paola Ximena Díaz Alba

Administrative and Accounting Assistant

Whitney Jhoana Stevenson Seña

Bootcamp MAKAIA – Technical Mentor

José José Castillo

Impact Solutions Advisor

Jorge Hernán Llano Ríos

TIC Solutions Coordinator

Juan David Hurtado

Nodo Ká Coordinator

Lina Marcela Galvis Hernández

Human Management

David Javier Giraldo Infante

Content Professional

Juan José González Pérez

RedColaborar Coordinator

Juan Pablo Márquez Ramírez

Project Leader Techsoup Europe

Kevyn Paternina

Professional in Validations and Customer Service

Luis Angel Ramírez David

Financial Leader

Juan Felipe Castaño

Technological Surveillance Professional

María Alejandra Jaramillo

Regional Operations Lead TechSoup LATAM

Ingrid Espitia

Senior Coordination

Erika Hernández

Administrative Support

Teresa Vélez Pinto

RedColaborar Content Manager

Diego Castillo

Volunteer Coordination

Diana Calderón

Technical Leader Contigo Conectados

Diego Fernando Rodríguez David

Bootcamp MAKAIA – Training Leader

María Camila Galvis

Regional Program Manager TechSoup LATAM

Laura Ruiz Rodríguez

Marketing Lead TechSoup LATAM

Juan Camilo Rueda Marín

Web Content Manager

Maira Fernanda Orozco Cardona

Administrative Support

Luisa María Lafaurie Nuno

Communications Support

Catalina Villamarín Martínez

Cooperative Professional

Dagoberto Ramírez Serna

Technical Lead TechSoup LATAM

Juan José Yepes López

Content Manager

Geraldine Layos Alvarez

Bootcamp MAKAIA – Commercial Assessor

Andrella Estrada Marínez

Human Resources Management Trainee

Gina Alejandra Giraldo Estrada

Customer Service and Administrative Assistant

Cristina Rosa Ruiz Martínez

Communications Professional

Laura Vanesa Suaza Moncada

Communications Trainee

Alejandra Gómez González

Communications Leader

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