ACI Laboratories for Cooperation

Project Execution: November 2015 – December 2019

Location: Medellín, Colombia

Beneficiaties: 106 social organizations



MAKAIA, in agreement with ACI Medellín, manages the ACI Platform for International Cooperation, a platform for social organizations in Medellín. This platform promotes the development of the public policy of international cooperation through the strengthening of institutional capacities of the social sector organizations of Medellín.

The activities to strengthening social organizations proposed by the ACI platform began in 2015, when 52 organizations were selected to receive free access to the platform for 12 months, and were invited to participate in a cycle of workshops on issues of cooperation. In November 2016 a call for a second cycle of the platform was opened, with 121 organizations participating and 54 organizations selected to use the platform for one year, receive personalized advice on cooperation and projects, receive feedback from a strategic project by a panel of cooperators and participate in a series of “ACI Laboratories”. These Laboratories were distributed in four sessions, two workshops and four personalized and group counseling sessions, in which the organizations learned about project management, financial management in International Cooperation and legal matters.