Cooperation for all

At MAKAIA and Nodo ká we are convinced that training for the development of capacities for the mobilization of resources is vital, that is why we share our experts’ content on international cooperation and resource mobilization.

We will publish once a month videos with the basic concepts of Resource Mobilization, International Cooperation, trends and events in the national and international context that will allow, in addition to knowing these concepts, to apply them daily.

Learn about International Cooperation

This is our first video, where we tell what this project is about, what motivated us to do it and how you can be part of it.

MAKAIA tells you what is International Cooperation

In this video you will learn what International Cooperation is and the approaches that cooperation has had through the years.

Most important milestones of International Cooperation

Everything you have to know about the evolution and history of International Cooperation in one video. Learn about the main milestones that have shaped cooperation as we know it today.

International Cooperation types

Financial cooperation, technical cooperation, volunteering, awards and competitions, study grants and all types of cooperation explained in the simplest way.

Internationa Cooperation Resources

Know the origin of the International Cooperation resources: Bilateral Cooperation, Multilateral Cooperation and Decentralized Cooperation.