International Cooperation Support for Acesco Foundation

Project Execution: February to April 2020

Location: Medellín, Colombia

Modality: Virtual

Support in the definition of the organization’s International Cooperation strategy through the transfer of knowledge and the strengthening of capacities for the management of opportunities for resource mobilization.

Achievements achieved with the project:

  • Definition of the IC Strategy of the ACESCO Foundation, on actors, modalities, types and sources of cooperation that could be accessed, alignment of the organization with local, national and international development agendas, analysis of institutional capacities and measurable experience of the foundation, definition of strategic and potential allies, review and adjustment of foundation projects under the theory of change, and alternatives for access to information on opportunities for international cooperation.
  • Preliminary document of the Action Plan for the implementation of the international cooperation I strategy.
  • Acesco Foundation comment: Satisfaction of the support and learning on topics such as the analysis of a strategic way of cooperation within the organization, the understanding of the need to have a balance between relationship and application to calls, the possibility of reviewing and strengthening methodologies formulation applicable not only to projects but to other activities by the participants. The director considered that having agreed to this support in this context was very successful in identifying new possibilities and new potential cooperators.