The best talent was present at Demo Day

With the support of Fraternidad Medellín and the Business Alliance for the Employment of Women and Youth, we celebrated the virtual event DEMO DAY in which the participants of the Bootcamp of our corporation MAKAIA, presented the result of 280 hours of training and 4 months of consecutive training in programming and web development.

This training process provided participants with knowledge in Front-end web development, strengthening of life skills and tools for employability, which seek to connect them with job opportunities in the technology sector.

In this event, the participants who completed their training in the MAKAIA Bootcamp, presented their final projects in which they identified a social problem and developed a technological solution, exposing in detail the methodology of their proposals, the technologies used in their development and the benefits for users, making evident their analytical skills and creativity to provide solutions to everyday problems.

Talent with Front End Web Development skills is available

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