Open Data Culture

Date of implementation: May 2017 - August 2017
Location: Cali, Medellín and other municipalities of the Metropolitan Area of the Aburrá Valley, Colombia
Target audience: Community around the 5 centers of measurement of the air quality distributed in Medellín and other municipalities of the Metropolitan Area of the Aburrá Valley.
Partners: Medellín Data Strategy Council, IBM, Ruta N, Alcaldía de Medellín and Public Good App House (produced by Caravan Studio, a division of Techsoup).

At MAKAIA we are aware of the importance and the benefit of open data. We have partnered with different institutions and companies to promote an Open Data culture in Colombia through two projects.

1. Collective Open Data Creation Pilot

This is a pilot project that seeks to begin the data culture through a network of monitors of air quality with the participation and commitment of each citizen in the use of open data. To achieve this, we aligned two components:

Technical Adequacy

We have selected 5 institutions voluntarily postulated in the Metropolitan Area of the city of Medellín as air measurement centers. In each of the 5 centers selected will be installed a sensor capable of measuring particles in the range of 2.5 microns and 10 microns in diameter. These particles set the criteria for determining levels of airborne contamination. The sensors will be connected to a WIFI network in order to publish the recorded data to a platform for further analysis.

The centers that will measure air quality in the Metropolitan Area are:

  • Casa de la Cultural Alcázares
  • Biblioteca Pública Barrial La Floresta
  • Parque Biblioteca Gabriel García Márquez Doce de Octubre
  • Biblioteca Familia el Raizal
  • Centro de Desarrollo Cultural Moravia


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There will be 3 workshops in each center distributed in the following contents: p>

  • Air quality and literacy in open data usage.
  • Sensor installation, configuration and preventive maintenance, Big Data.
  • Sensor-published data processing, visualization and practicality.

The development and implementation of this pilot will be systematized and documented from beginning to end so that other organizations can replicate the project or scale it to other regions.

As of today we have installed the 5 sensors and we have finished the tree round of workshops in all centers.

04 Taller 1_Biblioteca La Floresta

2. Open Data Workshops in Cali and Medellín

Continuing our interest in fostering an open data culture and with the support of IBM Colombia, Ruta N and Uniandinos we held two workshops in the cities of Cali and Medellín.