Open data culture

Project Execution: May 2017 – Currently

Location: Medellín and Cali (Colombia)

Beneficiaries: Community near to the air quality measurement centers


Medellin Data Strategy Council
Ruta N
Alcaldía de Medellín
Public Good App House,produced by Caravan Studio (a división of Techsoup)
Renting Colombia

Open data culture

At MAKAIA we are aware of the importance and the benefits of open data. We have partnered with different institutions to promote an Open Data culture in Colombia through two projects:

Collective Open Data Creation Pilot: A project that sought the promotion of data culture through the installation of a network of sensors for monitoring air quality with the participation and commitment of each citizen in the use of open data. To achieve this, we execute two components: technological adoption and training.

Open Data Workshops: Continuing our interest in fostering an open data culture, with the support of IBM Colombia, Ruta N and Uniandinos, we developed two Open data workshops for social organizations in the cities of Cali and Medellin in 2017.