MAKAIA facing the Fourth Industrial Revolution

The Fourth Industrial Revolution is a reality that is unfolding on an exponential scale, breaking into industries in all sectors globally. Much is said about its impact on organizations and how it transforms increasingly connected communities through technology, but little has been discussed about its implications for social and human development; Broad and diverse concepts that allow you to explore multiple applications and opportunities to make important social changes.

At MAKAIA we actively participate in the inauguration of the Center for the Fourth Industrial Revolution, housed in the facilities of our ally Ruta N. Likewise, we undertook an internal process of reflection, learning, and asking questions and solutions to challenges and opportunities posed by the # 4taRevolución, also around our lines of action, where we group initiatives and projects that impact, on the one hand, people and, on the other, organizations that carry out important work for their own social causes.

Initial questions and ideas

As a result of this position, some questions arise about the problems associated with the economic, social and cultural changes that come with talking about a Fourth Industrial Revolution and our role from MAKAIA. If we take into account that people who already have access to information and opportunities today are the most benefited by the advancement of emerging technologies in the Fourth Revolution, could we increase and increase inequality, already quite high in Latin America ? How can we ensure that this revolution does not increase social gaps instead of closing them? ​

Likewise, our interest in social development from the perspective of sustainability also invites us to reflect on the exercise of civil society in decision-making. In this context, who makes decisions, leads, opines, participates, and how does civil society and in general the social sector participate?

Proposals and topics of interest

Although technology and innovation have been two of the pillars of MAKAIA’s continued work, in recent years we have carried out different actions and strategies, associated with the incorporation of elements of the Fourth Revolution, and which, added to the social sense that guides Our doing allows us to recognize ourselves as critical and purposeful actors in this new era. Examples range from our work with TVWS connectivity and IoT devices to improve production processes, the opening of new training opportunities in code and programming for low-income or gender-focused youth and the constant evolution of our Technology for the Social Sector and Ká Node, in order to help social organizations in their digital transformation process.

Finally, the Fourth Industrial Revolution worries us and raises ideas around topics as varied as its interaction with the SDGs, the incorporation of Artificial Intelligence in digital Marketing, the possibility of making Social Impact evaluations using Data Science, the Job disruption and the jobs of the future, Smart Cities and the challenges of Education. Faced with these, we will continue weaving, analyzing, building initiatives and above all, opening spaces for conversation, which we will communicate to all those who wish to collaborate with us.

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