Digital Literacy for Adults 50+

Ejecution:  May 2024 – Present

Location: Bogotá, Colombia.

Scotiabank, Colpatria

Digital Literacy for Adults 50+

At Makaia, we are actively engaged in training older adults, empowering them to integrate effectively into the digital world. Our initiative focuses on developing a comprehensive training program aimed at bridging the digital divide. Through digital literacy programs, we seek to strengthen their technological skills, enabling them to navigate with confidence in the digital age. This effort represents not only an educational approach but also a driving force to empower older adults, broaden their horizons, and enable them to access new opportunities online.

Our Mission:

  • Bridging the Digital Divide: We are committed to eliminating the digital divide by providing accessible and tailored training programs to older adults.

  • Empowering Seniors: Our goal is to empower older adults with the digital skills and knowledge they need to thrive in the digital age.

  • Expanding Horizons: We believe that technology can open up new opportunities and experiences for older adults, and we are dedicated to helping them explore these possibilities.


1. Outreach and Call for Participation: The project kicks off with a comprehensive outreach campaign to attract participants, organizations, and key allies, laying the foundation for the project’s success.

2. Needs Assessment and Diagnostic Phase: A thorough analysis of the context and capabilities of the older adult population is conducted to inform the detailed planning of the digital literacy training. This phase involves:

3. Awareness Raising and Motivation: Consciousness is raised about the importance of digital literacy, motivating active participation and community engagement.

4. Digital Skills Training and Capacity Building: Educational programs are implemented to strengthen the digital skills of the participants, customizing the training based on the initial diagnostic phase.

5. Closing Event and Celebration of Achievements: A closing event is held to consolidate the project’s achievements, highlight the learnings, and encourage the continued use of acquired digital skills, marking the successful completion of the initiative.


In partnership with ScotiaBank Colpatria, we have embarked on a Digital Literacy Initiative in the city of Bogotá, empowering 70 individuals over the age of 50 with ICT skills. This initiative aims to strengthen their knowledge and capabilities in using digital tools, enabling them to expand their opportunities through ICT integration and become active participants in the digital era.

To facilitate these training sessions, we have partnered with local organizations, including the Institute for Social Economy (IPES), the ICT Advisory Council of the Mayor’s Office of Bogotá D.C., and the Center for Education for Work and Human Development (PTI) of Conviventia.