Project DC2

Ejecution:  2023

Place: Colombia

Techsoup USA

Project DC2

MAKAIA, in partnership with TechSoup USA and Google Data Commons, seeks to demonstrate the ways in which data can be used to tell meaningful stories aligned with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

We have been involved in the development of a microsite to support the introduction of Data Commons as a tool for democratizing data, in a project named “Project DC2.”



Impact stories and associated data to form the central elements of the campaign. These data were sourced 100% from Google Data Commons.

Campaign Design:

After defining stories and data, MAKAIA worked with TechSoup to propose, review, and select design elements to effectively communicate the story. These elements include text, navigation, visualizations, animations, and other campaign elements that can be generated from the Google Data Commons site.



The project explores the economic and social growth of Colombia under the title “Economic and Social Growth of Colombia.” Its purpose is to lay the groundwork for creating a narrative around the country’s economic development and its impact on society. Through this project, MAKAIA successfully visualized valuable interactions in the data on economic development and social progress in Colombia.

The website is available at:

Webinar Participation:

MAKAIA participated as a panelist in the webinar for TechSoup. For more information, you can access the following link: