Tierra Colombia: Technology Transformation

Project Execution: April 2016 – September 2020

Location: San Juan de Arama, Lejanías y Mesetas (Meta, Colombia)


Coffee growers and their families
Teachers of the region
Women Coffee growers
Young people

Technology Transformation: Improving the lives of colombian coffee growers

Since 2015, Carcafe, coffee exporters from Colombia and Lavazza, an Italian coffee roaster company, have joined efforts to support the coffee growers’ community in the municipalities of Lejanías, Mesetas and San Juan de Arama, located within the border of the natural parks of Sumapaz and Macarena, in the department of Meta. With the local coffee-growing families, they have implemented a sustainable and environmentally friendly coffee production system. A qualified team of agricultural engineers advice the coffee growers to increase their productivity, maintain their quality standards and implement sustainable practices.

ALO and MAKAIA joined to this initiative to complement the objectives and philosophy of the project promoting the ICT adoption in the coffee sector in order to improve productivity and market access. The support of entities such as SAP, Microsoft Colombia, ANE and the SAFE Platform have also been decisive in developing the components.