4IR Talent: ICT appropriation and life skills

The appropriation and life skills training processes will begin in the 4IR Talent project, which we developed in partnership with Ruta N, Motorola Solutions and Marina Orth Foundation. This semester, the project will have 5 components:

  • 1 bootcamp for teenage mothers
  • 1 bootcamp for ex-soldiers with disabilities
  • 1 women’s mentoring program
  • Academia Geek scholarship
  • Complementary events

There will be 160 hours of training distributed in the first 3 components and we estimate the participation of 140 people in the project. The main objective in this project is to develop and strengthen leadership and empowerment skills with a gender perspective through ICTs, to women, men and people. with physical disabilities located in the metropolitan area of ​​Valle de Aburrá.

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