Geek Academy: an lternative to see technology as a life opportunity

Academia Geek is a training and employability initiative aligned to the need for knowledge posed by the Fourth Industrial Revolution. This project, aimed at young people who neither study nor work, combines technical training in programming with life skills, and promotes employability in the areas demanded by the IT industry to connect them with the sector’s labor market.

So far in 2020 we have linked 42 young people to our training processes in the Frontend line. Given the challenges that we have as a society before the arrival of COVID-19, from Academia Geek we face the task of adapting our methodological and accompaniment route, so, from the beginning of the mandatory quarantine, we accompany our young people from virtual environments of learning, promoting the exchange of knowledge and collective construction through the technological tools that we have available.

Group one, made up only of women, began their training in February and has already completed the 9 intensive weeks of training, 3 of them in virtual mode. As a result of this process, within the framework of our Demo Day, 20 girls between 18 and 30 years old, were certified as FrontEndJr Developers with an emphasis on ReactJS and will begin their employability processes. 

From the experience gained with the girl group, we started our second Frontend group. 24 young people passionate about technology began their training the first week of April, this time completely virtual, where in addition to learning about technical, employability and design thinking, they will have to venture to explore the digital tools that allow them to achieve course objectives.

Programs like Academia Geek are much more relevant today due to the importance of aligning competencies with the needs of the market, as well as being a model of rapid training and based on challenges, which is what these young people will find In the real world. We will continue promoting this initiative, convinced of the transformation it generates in the lives and surroundings of many young people. Geek Academy, an alternative to see technology as a life opportunity.

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