Wife, Mom and Junior Web Developer

Dennis Salas is a young Venezuelan migrant who lives in the city of Bogotá, she is 27 years old and is now part of the talents that, thanks to Academia Geek and the Alianzas para la Reconciliación program, found a job in the technology sector.

Dennis was studying Telecommunications Engineering in his native Venezuela, however, he had to suspend his studies and migrate to Colombia. In this way, she arrived in the city of Bogotá, where she undertook the sale of food products to contribute to the maintenance of her home.

Through social media, she found out about the Geek Academy call and with the support of her husband, she decided to take the opportunity. During the formation process, Dennis stood out for his camaraderie, discipline, and for energizing the group from his knowledge and leadership.

For Dennis, this process “represented a possibility of economic stability for my family, giving continuity to my interests in the IT industry and strengthening my life project.”

After successfully completing her training as a Front-End Web Developer, Dennis joined the company GSE, where she works as a Junior developer.

“Through Academia Geek I was able to find this opportunity in a company where my skills are valued and they give me the opportunity to grow and continue learning. Working on what I am passionate about has been the greatest achievement of this process”.

If you want to apply and be a Geek talent, sign up here: https://academiageek.co/admisions-2/

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