Contigo Conectados

Project Execution: Septiembre de 2017 – Enero de 2021

Location: Risaralda, Pereira, Quindío, Barranquilla, Cartagena, Valledupar, Bolívar, Soledad, Sincelejo, Cali, Buga, Palmira, Yumbo, Bucaramanga, Girón, Piedecuesta, Cúcuta,Bogotá, Medellín, Itaguí, Envigado, Antioquia.


Children and adolescents.
Parents, caregivers and elders.
Teachers of public and private educative institutions of the country.



Contigo Conectados

In 2017, Makaia take the operation of social responsibilities of Businessmen from Tigo company: Fomento del estilo de vida digital responsible. In 2018, from a study funded by the company together with EAFIT university for know the uses that Colombian child of Internet, restructure RSE program and found Contigo Conectados.

Based on the findings, an innovative proposal is developed focused on decrease risks and enhancing opportunities in the use of Internet by kids, as well as promoting digital skills in parents, teachers and caregivers who accompany them. To this is added the corporate volunteering with which it seeks to add forces to have greater scope with the projects in the country.

Makaia then assumes the operation of the company´s new strategy, which is part of our “Technology for Social Change” line of action, contributing from social magagement in each of the regions in which it has a presence, to designe of specific contents aimed at the audiences to whom you want to reach and the coordination of corporate volunteering.


Contigo Conectados project is developed with a methodology based in the study makes by the EAFIT University for Tigo, in which proposals are form design thinking focuses in human and open social innovation. From there and in order to explore alternatives to solve everyday life problems, promote the use of ICTs from a critical posture, also the development of digital skills and innovative processes, whit a special emphasis on the proactive mediation.

This is articulated with ICT Appropriation Model development by Makaia, through which identifies the need of each public and from there the appropriation proposal is constructed from the uses that are giving to technology in everyday life, considering that it turns allows economic, social and cultural development. Thus, from Contigo Conectados a technological appropriation focused on the responsible and creative use of Internet is promoted from simple activities such as reading a story or argumentation based on a situation.


Through the program Contigo conectados development the following projects:

  • 7 – 9 Program for kids: Through reading texts aloud, textual and audiovisual production and some refection exercises, children explore the opportunities offered by the Internet, while building healthy habits around technology and building critical sense against content that they consult, make and share in their daily lives.
  • Project for children between 10 and 12 years:: Through the debate, the analysis of various situations that stage the opportunities and risks in the use of Internet is promoted with the children. This activity helps build speeches and reflections based on everyday life experiences, while taking critical positions on how to act on the Internet.
  • Project for young people (13 years and older): Through a board game, the world of social networks, situations of daily life and the way in which some challenges that are presented on the Internet are commonly solved are explored with adolescents. On the other hand, it works in peer mediation as a key to face the risks and enhance the opportunities in the use of digital media.
  • Mediation Talk: In this talk, conceptual and practical are shared so that teachers, parents and caregivers accompany children and adolescents in the responsible and creative use of Internet from the proposal of proactive mediation. Here, the adults have the opportunity to know what mediation means, how it is done in the use of Internet and promoted a reflection around a role in use of technology, beyond the knowledge or not of the tool.
  • Pedagogical guides (teachers of all areas: provides methodological and conceptual elements to guide teachers in implementation of activities that promotes the development of the use responsible and creative of Internet.
  • Digital literacy (Caregivers and adults): Through workshops caregivers and adults are approached to digital literacy process, taking the proactive mediation as a transversal axis.

Similary, in context of Contigo Conectados program, it works in Corporate Volunteering program, in which employees of the company in different regions of the country, participate in a training to implement the projects in the Educational institutions or communal spaces. Thus articulating the philosophy of the company to extend the impact of Contigo Conectados Program.

Additionally, in line with te strategy, there are the Telecentros Tigo, located in Bogotá City (Suba and Kennedy), which are public places whos proposal is to favor digital skills and contribute to social development through responsible and creative of Internet.


  • Strategy implementation across 29 departments and 148 cities/municipalities nationwide in Colombia.
  • Over 712,301 individuals have benefited from the program over its five-year implementation period.

  • 1,409 volunteers have been trained to promote responsible and creative internet usage and environmental awareness within their communities.

  • A comprehensive website with up-to-date content on responsible and creative internet usage has been developed for teenagers, parents, caregivers, educators, seniors, and women.

  • The first miniseries on responsible and creative internet usage, entitled “Patchers,” has been produced using live-action and 2D animation.

Principles for digital development related with this project

We develop content and awareness spaces useful for children, adolescents and adults about the safe and responsible use of ICT. Similarly, through of our telecentros we provide digital literacy spaces for different types of people (older, adults, children, people with disabilities).

The contents offered in our awareness spaces are articulated with current regulations. In addition, they are socialized with the community with the purpose of knowing them and applying them if necessary, especially in relation to crimes and computer risks. Likewise, the program seeks to understand and articulate the processes with strategies and initiatives that other entities are developing in terms of the safe and responsible use of ICT.

The information we provide to the participants in the awareness-raising spaces is based on national and international studies and statistics. In addition, we carry out monitoring and follow-up of the process based on the updated management information report that is being carried out in each of the regions served.

In the different spaces of awareness and digital literacy that we provide to children, youth and adults, we address content and strategies for privacy and security, especially in relation to the prevention of risks and computer crimes.

We are interested in knowing and participating in the initiatives that other entities are carrying out in the sector with the purpose of articulating and expanding the impact of the different processes. In addition, through different means of communication we share content on the safe and responsible use of ICTs, in order to strengthen awareness-raising processes aimed at the community.