Digital acceleration for social organizations

Countries willing to carry out the program: Colombia,  Argentina, Costa Rica, Panamá and Perú

30 hours of training and consulting

3 months of intensive program

Support fund

As a result of the Makaia-TechSoup Global alliance, the Digital Acceleration program was created: Impulsa Tu Impacto Social (Boost your social impact), which aims to strengthen social organizations affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, which work with critical community services in Colombia and the countries belonging to the Global Expansion Plan (GEP) to promote their inclusion in the digital age and greater efficiency in their internal and external processes through skills and digital and technological access.

This will be accomplished by implementing work plans, training sessions, and consulting sessions that will allow organizations to learn more about digital concerns and implement them with the help of specialists in said issues. In addition, they will have access to a support fund which will be used to complement all the training received.

This program groups three main components:

Social organizations, micro, small and medium legally constituted and whose social purpose is focused on benefiting the community and that are located within Colombia, Argentina, Costa Rica, Panama and Peru are eligible in this program.

  • Digital transformation diagnosis
  • Definition of the work plan
  • Training and consulting sessions in the areas of vision and strategy, organizational culture, marketing and visibility, and operations and infrastructure
  • Creation of the digital transformation strategy
  • Webinars and forums

Access to IT capacity building tools and solutions is provided through a support fund, so that social organizations can address their IT challenges and improve their operational processes.

Meet the organizations digitally accelerated through this program in Colombia, Argentina, Costa Rica, Panamá and Perú.