Digital transformation for Micro and Small enterprises

Throughout our history as an organization we have developed capacities and knowledge on how technology enhance the actions of organizations. Convinced of this, we want to put this knowledge at the service of micro and small companies, in order to help them face the challenges that digital transformation brings.

Digital Transformation Model in alliance with

In alliance with we developed the following diagnostic model, which gives MSMES a path to know and evaluate their actual state, giving recommendations on their way for the next digital transformation level and directing to free content for its development. Defines the state of the company with respect to its leadership capacity and organizational development and the digital implementation level, placing them in four levels: nascent, trend follower, conservative and digital.

Training and implementation solutions

We understand that culture is fundamental for the appropriation of a new technology in the operation of your company, that is why we have developed training and implementation services that manage to accompany the change within your company, and in this way technology becomes the best ally for you.

Email settings

We carry out the process of configuring your emails and teach you how to create users for your account. We do the work in non-working hours so that you do not interrupt the activities of your company.

Office 365 training and deployment

We help you to implement and optimize Office365. We will guide you with planning, taking a tour of each of the applications of this tool, understanding how file sharing, collaboration, security and 24/7 support from Microsoft work.

Document management training

We accompany you throughout the process, send you a proposal according to the needs of your company and we help you to take advantage of your new document management model. We do the work at the times that best suit the activities of your collaborators.